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  • Dataradio- 911 was awarded a grant to implement a proprietary wireless data network to expand coverage in areas that have little or none, and to eliminate monthly fees for the modems that vehicles currently use to connect to 911. The CalAmp "Dataradio" system is actively being implemented on towers in Mason Co and northeastern Oceana Co. Select Mason & Oceana Co agencies will be the first to come online with the new system that went live in July of 2010.

Did you know...

  • We maintain and operate three Region 6 funded emergency communication systems.
  1. CityWatch- a reverse 911 system that allows the general public of geographical based emergencies through land-line telephones.
  2. EMnet- Secure, satellite based communication and warning system soon to interface with various media (TV, radio) outlets.
  3. Codespear- Mobile radio system that allows connecting various radio bands to each other and the internet.

Welcome to Mason-Oceana 911. We are the sole dispatch center for public safety agencies in the two county area.

Centrally located on the Mason-Oceana County border, we are a fire, law, & EMS dispatch center and EOC. Serving over 40 agencies and over 2,500 square miles of land and water, our center began it's humble beginnings on 9/11/95 at 9:11 PM in the basement of the Oceana Co Sheriff Department. On August 12, 2003 we moved to a newly constructed dispatch center and EOC.

911-America's First First Responders

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