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  • New Millage Request- In response to declining revenues since 2009 911 has a new millage request on the August 5, 2014 ballot. The proposal of 0.14 mils for 6 years will supplement the existing local 911 surcharge and cost the average homeowner in Mason County $8.40 per year and Oceana County $7.35 per year.

Did you know...

  • We maintain and operate three Region 6 funded emergency communication systems.
  1. CityWatch- a reverse 911 system that allows the general public of geographical based emergencies through land-line telephones.
  2. EMnet- Secure, satellite based communication and warning system soon to interface with various media (TV, radio) outlets.
  3. Codespear- Mobile radio system that allows connecting various radio bands to each other and the internet.

Welcome to Mason-Oceana 911. We are the sole dispatch center for public safety agencies in the two county area.

Centrally located on the Mason-Oceana County border, we are a fire, law, & EMS dispatch center and EOC. Serving over 40 agencies and over 2,500 square miles of land and water, our center began it's humble beginnings on 9/11/95 at 9:11 PM in the basement of the Oceana Co Sheriff Department. On August 12, 2003 we moved to a newly constructed dispatch center and EOC.

911-America's First First Responders

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